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A New Problem in Black and White

It's always something tormenting the hard-working farmer.

Whether it's squirrels or gophers or drought, it's always something.

This year there are some rumblings about the latest tormentors -- Skunks! Have you noticed small shallow holes being dug around the base of your plants? This is likely the result of skunks. They dig in newly watered soil looking for worms -- usually grubs of the Japanese Beetle. While skunks are not after the roots or the plant, the digging can cause serious damage to roots.

Since skunks are nocturnal and afraid of light some have tried solar spot lights. There is also talk of Milky Spore. Anyone tried that? Maybe when we get together we can share ideas about how to combat these little stinkers.


California Protea Association
Newsletter, September, 2014


It's been a long hot summer and everyone has been working hard. So now it's time to take a break! Let's get together and have some fun. Our friends at Kendall Farms have graciously volunteered to host the next association meeting, so please put September 20th on your calendar.


Kendall Farms To Host CPA


 Please join us for our next General Meeting:

Saturday, Sept. 20th
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Kendall Farms
4230 White Lilac Road
Fallbrook, Ca. 92028

We appreciate your RSVP so that we can anticipate attendance numbers for food and drink.


Simple ways to RSVP: (choose one)  


1.  Call Jim Omoto: 760-731-0681

2.  Send Jim an email:

3.  Reply to this email with "yes" or "no"  



We will send a reminder and more information about speaker/topics in the next week or so as information is confirmed. See you there! 



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